Patio Contracting

Whether you are looking to extend your home with a beautiful patio to entertain guests or create a decorative area in your yard, K&J can help you create the perfect masterpiece. These creations can come in any shape or size, so a wide array of products can be used to create the perfect look.

The most common product used in patios are pavers. Pavers can come in many shapes, colors & sizes to create the unique design or look you may like.

If you are looking for something a little more ‘low maintenance’, you may consider a flagstone patio. These types of patios are great around a pool because they have a slip-resistant surface. Flagstone has a higher resistance to heat, moisture & heavy traffic use & so it would be a wonderful option for any high trafficked area of your yard.

A popular option here in Pennsylvania has been the bluestone patio. This is a little different from most patios & tends to look more rustic because the surface shows more of the natural grain of stone. There aren’t as many color options for this, since the stone is a natural blue/gray.

If your area tends to be a little more wet, you may choose to go with a travertine patio. This is a very porous surface that will help soak up puddles & create better traction. These patios have a rougher surface with rounded edges & are ideal for pool decks or patios.

No matter which type of patio you choose, K&J provides the commitment to create your perfect patio & exceed all your expectations.

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